Русская Школа "Лимпопо"​

​Russian School "Limpopo"

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Limpopo School Discounts

At Limpopo School we offer discounts to parents with multiple students attending our school. 
For parents that have two or more children attending our school, children with lowest monthly fees get 10% discount. Note that discounts do not apply to registration fees, books, and club fees. 
Brother and sister signed up as follows:
Maxim registered for Grade 1 at $130/month.
Tania registered for Small Researches at $90/month.
Discount of 10% applies to Tania’s fee $90 x 0.9 = $81.
Due in September excluding books:
Maxim = $20 (registration fee) + $130 = $150
Tania = $20 (registration fee) + $81 = $101
Total: $251 + HST

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